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  Roman blinds
Often using the same fabric as the nearby curtains, Roman blinds are great for adding variety to a room's window treatment, and are a good way of highlighting or managing an odd-shaped or corner window or providing some other feature.
  Timber blinds
We source and supply a range of timber blinds made using Cedar wood. These are usually recessed within the architrave, They provide a natural feel, but they are also a hard-wearing and practical solution.
  Vertical blinds
These come in a range of colours and a variety of patterns and textures to enhance any environment, either in homes or commercial applications. They can be drawn to the left, to the right, or from the centre. The slats turn through 180 degrees, allowing optimum light and heat control.
  Venetian blinds
They come in a range of fashion colours and shades to choose from, in your choice of horizontal slats. Suitable for either homes or offices, they can completely exclude external light and provide absolute privacy.